The Details & Rules

We are happy to have you utilize Peony Hill Farm as a setting for your photo sessions. However, it is important to understand that we are an operating farm and have had to establish a few guidelines and times in which professional photographers can access our farm.

What dates will you be open? 
Opening day for the 2024 season will be April 27th. See our operating hours here.

When can I come to the farm?
You can visit anytime the farm is open. You still need to stop by the barn to sign a waiver before beginning your shoot.

Is a reservation required?
No, you can visit during the open session time.

Will you limit the number of photographers on-site?

Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can have per visit? 
yes, we ask that you limit to two (2) sessions per visit.


**Please note that we reserve the right to restrict access to the farm at any time for any reason.